Ghosts is an artist curated project.
Initiated by Michael EB Detto, based on his book Cambodian Ghosts.

Michael and I both came from a war torn country, with death and destruction (Cambodia and Germany) and we wanted to explore how the effects of war plays on people in the aftermath, both individually and collectively.

Shortly after Vietnam War, Cambodia went in to a dark period when Pol Pot came into power in April 1975. He recruited poor and uneducated young men and women to take up arms and forced people to evacuate the capital of Phnom Penh. Then systematically killing most of the intellectuals and regular citizens alike, forcing men, women and children to work in the fields. Over 2 million people suffered a horrible death through hard labor, starvation and disease. Pol Pot’s era ended in 1979, but the civil war within the country carried on for years.

Germany had a history in the Second World War, and involvement with the Holocaust. Particularly not completely facing the aftermath of killing of the Jews and collectively as a country in not come to terms with the war and their participation in the death and destructions.

Since W.G. Sebald’s work deals with memory and loss of memory voluntarily or not, both personal and collectively we find his work fitting to investigate in the decay in tradition, civilization and physical objects.

Sayon Syprasoeuth and Michael EB Detto